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I grew up on Tea, and I love the endless flavor elements that teas from different parts of the world provide.   I drink tea first thing in the morning, and before going to bed.  I've also been known to get up in the middle of the night and have a cup of tea while I'm waiting to get tired enough to go back to bed.  I know, I have issues!

My love for coffee began after drinking Cafe Con Leche, in Spain.  The sweet espresso with steamed milk is a flavor I've looked for in every Latte I've ever experienced.  While not every Latte was a hit, I did learn to appreciate the various flavor neuances in coffee beans from different regions of the world, and like Tea, Coffee flavors are enhanced and changed when beans are processed and roasted in different ways.  

So, I love Tea, I love Coffee..... whats a girl to do? a Tea & Coffee Bar, where our drinks taste amazing, because we "freshly blend, roast and brew".  

The Liquid Leaf.

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The Liquid Leaf | 39028 Winchester Rd #109, Murrieta CA92563 |

Freshly Blended, Roasted

& Brewed.